Many people live with limited data connections. It’s not always easy to deal with. Mobile devices use data all of the time. It’s basically in their nature. However, there are plenty of ways to curb data usage in order to save money. The easiest way uses the data management tools

Dog Health

Photo: miodrag ignjatovic/Getty Images When the mercury drops and the snow flies, you can almost hear a swish of canine hearts as they take to the sky. Most, that is, but not all of them. There are dogs that long to avoid even a hint of Jack Frost altogether. While


Table of Contents[Hide][Show] Although it’s been several years since salted caramel became all the rage, it continues to be a popular choice for coffee drinks and desserts today. I’ve shared my recipe for my favorite way to drink coffee, but I realized that it could be easily adapted to be a


Thai-American US Senator Ladda “Tammy” Duckworth shares her views via a video recorded in Illinois, US and played back at Bangkok Post International Forum 2020 at Centara Grand at the CentralWorld convention centre in Bangkok on Wednesday. (Photo by Varuth Hirunyatheb) Women need to challenge gender barriers and take leadership