Yesterday delivered a stat that pricked up MBW’s ears. Following the announcement of Warner Music Group’s calendar Q3 earnings, the company’s CEO, Steve Cooper, held a discussion with analysts. Within that discussion, Cooper dropped the following piece of information: “Since January, on a year-over-year basis, we’ve doubled the number of


Framed Text by Sadaf Shaikh with inputs from Vivek Tejuja and Swati Sinha Along the lush walking trail of Hyderabad’s KBR park in Banjara Hills, stands a fence dotted with a vast array of over 300 arresting pictures. The organisers of the Indian Photo Festival 2020 deserve a special


Art has a fascinating history. There are popular artists dating back to thousands of years ago. It’s a subject frequently used in pop culture to show sophistication and art theft is a popular topic for police procedurals. However, the topic isn’t difficult to learn. There are a ton of resources

Dog Health

Dogs are beautiful, charming, endearing—in fact, they ought to be in pictures. While this is true year-round, it’s especially appropriate this year, when many of us are doing our best to inject some fun into pandemic-beleaguered holidays. Focusing on our fabulous dogs is a good way to do that. Read


Student leaders Parit Chiwarak and Panusaya Sithijirawattankul pose for a photo near the newly installed plaque during a mass rally to call for the ouster of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha’s government and reforms in the monarchy in Bangkok on Sept 20. (Reuters photo) Police have summoned seven leaders of anti-government